• Brought world’s best accompaniment technology to iPhone and iPad (Cadenza – a “Best New App” in 21 countries)
  • Made app for trumpet players who like playing Star Wars music
  • Founded a music tech company at the Harvard Innovation Lab
  • Created the first classical music tracks for the video game “Rock Band’
  • Built a system for conducting digital instruments in live performance. Read about it in the Boston Globe.
  • Founded and led a tech company out of the MIT Artificial Intelligence lab
  • Richard Stallman taught me how to use emacs
  • Hal Ableson taught me about the structure and interpretation of computer programs – News Flash: I am not a coder!
  • Worked at the MIT Media Lab to get technology to play musically, in Mike Hawley’s lair
  • Adviser for two computer science masters theses (MIT, FIU)
  • First Mac: 1986 Macintosh Plus
  • Wrote music programs in BASIC for the Commodore 64 and TRS80

Science & Philosophy

  • Produced a biology roundtable video with Alan Alda at The Rockefeller University
  • Worked with Shai Shaham and David Allis to present lectures on the nervous system in c. elegans and on epigenetics
  • Produced an interactive movie explaining  Nobel-winning scientist Rod MacKinnon’s potassium ion channel discoveries
  • Helped organize a seminal conference on climate change for Yale’s environment school
  • Studied phenomenology with Dagfinn Føllesdal at Stanford and with Joseph Kockelmans at Penn State


  • Invented sheet music page turning UI for mobile
  • Worked with Pentagram on websites for Asia Society and Allen & Company
  • Worked with Real Design on classic early websites in NYC
  • Created the Web’s first interactive scratch-off lottery card, and shooting gallery (Shoot the Ghouls), before Flash or JavaScript


  • Flew a bi-plane over Virginia, complete with barrel roll, barnstorming and loops
  • Sailed to the Bahamas using only a sextant and a compass (and a sailboat) before GPS was invented
  • First new car: 1991 Mazda Miata
  • Helped my family build a log cabin in remote Appalachia with no electricity, roads or power tools.



  • Summer Reading Orchestra of Boston – Conductor
  • Fauxharmonic Orchestra – Conductor
  • Wellesley Symphony Orchestra – Assistant Conductor, Cello
  • Conducted student orchestra concerts at Oberlin, Penn State, Brandeis, Eastern Music Festival, Tanglewood


Orchestral Conducting

  • Sergiu Celibidache (Curtis Institute, Munich)
  • Leonard Bernstein (Tanglewood)
  • Markand Thakar (Eastern Music Festival, Penn State, private)
  • Seiji Ozawa (Tanglewood)
  • Gustav Meier (Tanglewood)
  • Sheldon Morgenstern (Eastern Music Festival, private)

Choral Conducting

  • Lorna Cooke deVaron (Longy, private)
  • James D Olesen (Brandeis)

Counterpoint, Theory and Analysis

  • Markand Thakar (Penn State)
  • Harry Ballan (Brandeis)
  • Allan Keiler (Brandeis)
  • Eric Chafe (Brandeis)


  • Lukas Foss (Eastern Music Festival)
  • David del Tredici (Tanglewood)
  • Richard Hoffmann (Oberlin)
  • Randolph Coleman (Oberlin)
  • Fred Beyer (Greensboro College)


  • Cello
  • Piano

Teaching and Lectures

  • Created and taught curriculum in music theory, counterpoint, ear training, composition, conducting – Harid Conservatory
  • Analysis and Performance – Oberlin Conservatory
  • Intro to eCommerce – Columbia University
  • Digital orchestra production – private
  • “Beethoven and video game music” – GameSound Con
  • “Music as Augmented Reality” – MIT Media Lab


  • Brandeis University – M.F.A. – Musicology (history of music theory)
  • Oberlin College – B.A. – Music Theory, Composition & East Asian Studies